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I’m a Certified Mediator, and I’ve Successfully Mediated Dozens of Family Legal Disputes

Mediation is part of what’s called “alternative dispute resolution.” It’s a mechanism by which the persons involved in a conflict are given an opportunity to fashion their own solution to their dispute. It’s a way to try to avoid the many downsides of a full-blown court battle.

In mediation the parties work with a mediator — someone who has received specialty training in helping people work out their dispute. Mediators can often bring perspectives, ideas, workarounds, etc., to the negotiation table that may help. To mangle a phrase from my favorite movie, mediators have a “very particular set of skills.” Skills often “acquired over a very long career.”

There are many benefits to mediation as opposed to fighting things out in Indiana courts. Some of them are:

First of all, most everything that occurs during mediation is confidential. In courtroom
litigation, anyone who wants to come in and listen can.

In mediation you and the person with whom you’re having the conflict sit and talk with the
mediator. Sometimes together, sometimes apart. Here’s the beauty of it: By sitting and talking with the mediator, you build your own solutions. You are able to change words, tweak sentences, add, subtract and rearrange things until it is something you and the other party can live with.

You can’t do that in court. Some person in a black robe will make a decision about your
family’s future, and that’s it. Boom. You don’t get to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him or her and debate the order, or polish the fine points.

Mediation is usually much quicker. And a lot less expensive.

I’ve been a family mediator for 10 years. And over that period of time I’ve successfully mediated dozens of divorces, child custody, child support and parenting time matters. I believe I can help you with your matter.

For Those Going Through A Family Conflict

If you’re in the middle of a family legal dispute, or you anticipate one’s coming, contact my office. You don’t need lawyers to go through mediation. Certainly being represented helps, but mediators who are also lawyers are able to help, from filing initial documents to begin a legal action, all the way through filing documents to conclude the legal action.

If you’re presently represented by an attorney in a family law matter, ask him or her about arranging mediation through my office.

For Attorneys

If you’re doing family law cases, you already know the value of mediation. And if you’re practicing in a county that requires mediation, you’ve seen for yourself how a good mediator can often work out arrangements for even the most recalcitrant parties.

I believe I bring a practical, straightforward approach to mediating family law disputes. If you’d like to speak to me about that approach, or hear from family law attorneys for whom I’ve mediated cases about how the approach works, give me a call. I’ll be happy to talk with you or put you in touch with lawyers I’ve worked with in St. Joseph County.

You’re also welcome to schedule your cases for mediation by going directly to my online calendar and looking for available dates that work for you and your opposing counsel. Once you schedule the mediation, you and opposing counsel will get confirmation emails and further material.

Find Out More

For your convenience you can schedule your mediation in a number of ways: Give my South Bend office a call at 574-303-6459, or click on the view available sessions link to schedule an appointment using my online booking calendar.