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Whether you are struggling with divorce, paternity, child custody or another family law issue, I can help.

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Family legal conflicts are difficult on so many levels: Emotional. Financial. The stress can even affect you and your family’s physical health and relationships with others. Regardless the nature of the conflict, whether it’s divorce, child custody litigation, guardianship or grandparent visitation, the dispute is often so charged with anger, fear and uncertainty that a positive and meaningful resolution can seem impossible.

For the past 28 years, I have limited my practice to providing legal counsel and representation to those in St. Joseph County who are struggling with family-related legal matters. I limit my practice to family law for a good reason: Family law is difficult. It is complex, and it can be unforgiving. It takes a full-time commitment to this single area of the law in order to provide skilled and knowledgeable legal services to those going through some of the most difficult and challenging times of their lives.

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My Two Principle Responsibilities To My Clients

As a lawyer, I have many responsibilities to my clients, but there are two I place right at the top.My first is to make sure you have the information and resources you need in order to make knowledgeable, well-reasoned and well-informed decisions.This is more than simply telling you what the law is. And it’s certainly more than saying “that’s just the way it’s done.” It’s an obligation to explain things to you: the process, the alternatives, and consequences, benefits and costs. It’s a promise to discuss with you the practical effects of our decisions or the positions we want to maintain.My second responsibility to you is candor. The good, bad and ugly, so to speak. A commitment to be straightforward; to have frank and honest conversation with you about your legal matter. I will always tell you what you need to know — whether it’s what you want to hear or not — because anything short of that does you no favors.The reason I consider the above responsibilities to be my most important to you is that they are critical to your meaningful participation in the resolution of your own legal matter. While I may have the experience and legal knowledge to assist you in your matter, I will not presume to know what’s best for you or your family. You’re the only person that can make that decision. And making the right decision requires that you have as complete an understanding of your legal circumstances and options as is reasonably possible.

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